Thoughts Create Things ….. So Choose the Good Ones!!!

Thoughts Create Things ….. So Choose the Good Ones!!!

There has been much hype about the Law of Attraction etc and how you can think your way to riches etc.  Well if only it were that easy eh?  I would be a tall, slim blonde travelling the world by now.

However……..there is some truth under all the hype.  We construct our own reality based on our outlook of life and expectations.

Picture borrowed from Denis Flemming website

NLP Communication Model

I am not saying that physical matter is an illusion and we are all plugged into the Matrix, what I am referring to is that the version of the world and our concept of reality is uniques to us.  Nobody sees or experiences the same reality – think of it like a rainbow – we all see our own rainbow as is it a refraction from our own eyes at a 42° angle.

The NLP Communication model (see picture) shows how the information we take in is filtered before we make sense of it and save it as a memory (or decide to delete it as it is not necessary information for us).

Information comes into us via our senses (can’t argue with that), it goes through a series of internal filters (meta programs,  values etc), and we Delete, Distort and Generalise information to make sense of what we see.

The information we take in is filtered to support whatever outlook or belief we hold.  So if we expect and truly believe something will happen (good or bad) then we will take in information to support those beliefs.

So from a Law of Attraction perspective – if we believe it will happen – then all we see is the evidence to support this.

There is a famous quote (Henry Ford I think?) that states ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right!‘  If we think we can’t do something, then the task becomes harder, all we see is evidence to support the belief we can’t do something and our internal dialogue (subject of another interesting future blog!) and behaviours also support the belief.

However, if we were to ‘act as if’ (see blog on goal setting) we could do something, then we would see possibilities and opportunities to support the belief that we could do something.

Knowing this can be used to our advantage – when setting goals and we take on the belief that we will achieve it, then our unconscious mind and information intake will support us achieving that goal.

So the next time you have a thought about something – make it a positive one.  Even if it is something you think you can’t do – at a ‘yet’ to the end to make it into a possibility for the future!

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