Weightloss and Achieving Goals

I have been thinking a lot about weightloss recently as I am changing the way I am eating and really being disciplined to sticking to a fitness regime.

I have been doing this on and off for a while now – but never with any real dedication. I know the fitness programme I am on works (as it has before and for so many other people).  I joined the Paul Mort’s Fitness Camp  while I was really down at work (working long hours) and also while I was doing my NLP/Coaching training – so not the best time to embark on a fitness programme that requires focus and dedication.

It did however, give me the motivation to start getting serious about my health and fitness.

The programme starts with a 14 day detox to kick-start your metabolism into aiding weightloss, and outdoor high intensity ‘bootcamp’ type training of a minimum of 3 session per week (I am sure I am not doing it justice so please take a look on the site yourself!).  After the 14 days you continue on a low GI type diet.

At the start I was only managing 2 sessions – 3 at the most and was sneaking in cheat weekends where my diet would be polar opposite to the healthy eating during the week.  I did not set myself any goals on what I wanted to lose – so I had no incentive to stick to the healthy eating and fitness regime – so low and behold I did not lose any inches or pounds!

The turning point for me was when work got so bad that I quit my job and had a few months off to find out what I wanted to do with my life.  With the time off I started going more regularly to the fitness sessions (sometime 4 times a week!!) and started to eat healthier.  I got myself into a really good routine and felt so much better – more confidence, healthier skin, better posture etc.

Then I started work as an IT consultant and was worried that I would go back to my old ways – so I needed a plan so that did not happen.

So I set myself some short and long term goals.

The short term goals were over 1 month (that fits with the fitness sessions) – they were manageable enough to take 1 month at a time.  The trainers at the Fitness Camp tell you to weigh and measure yourself at the start and end of each month – so that gave me incentive to stick to the short monthly goals and measure my success.

My long term goals are – my holiday in September I will be able to wear a bikini, and in January I will meet up with some friends on my psychotherapy course and I will be wearing skinny jeans!

==> I have already dropped 2 jeans sizes so this has spurred me on to continue!

So what do you need to do to set these goals?

The key is that you need to get the goal embedded into your head (subconscious mind) first – as if it is a fact that you will achieve it.

The goals you set need to be SMART:

  • Specific and Stated in the positive
  • Measureable – how do you know when you have reached them / or gone off course?
  • Achievable – no good saying you want to be a tennis champ at 40 years old when you are already 41!!
  • Relevant – does it fit well with the rest of your life and values?
  • Timebased – when do you want to achieve the goal by?

When you set your goals (a size 10 by the end of the August bootcamp!, able to do 40 burpees in 50 seconds!) they key is to state what you do want – our brains cant process negatives! so if you say ‘dont want…’ you will get what you ‘dont want!’

You need to really concentrate on what it will be like when you reach your goal – leave the doubt at the door!!  By imagining (visualising) what you will look like, how good you will feel, and hear what people say and react to the new you, you really embed the possibility of achieving your goal into a forgone conclusion that you will reach your goal.

Making small milestones (daily/weekly) will help you keep on track.

Another thing that will help embed the goal is to imagine yourself having achieved your goal, step into that person, and look back at the you (in the present) and tell yourself how well you have done, how you (the future you) feels and how you managed to reach your goal.  This should make the future ‘reaching your goal’ an actual event that you are just waiting to come into fruition.

And one final thing – as the big man (Paul Mort) always tells us – you need to get out of your comfort zone to achieve those goals!!

 Hope you enjoy the blogs – if anyone needs help with their goals or feels that there is something blocking their achievement, then please feel free to give me a call for a free no obligation personal transformation coaching consultation.


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