Coaching and Goal Setting

For my first blog I thought I would write about the one thing that many of us have problems with.  It seems to be the simplest of things to do, but when you actually sit down to do it – your mind goes blank!  What is it I hear you say – goal setting!

We all have dreams but rarely do we ever do anything more than dream about them.  Goals are the steppingachieve your outcomes stones to achieving our goals – goals are dreams with legs!
So where do we start?  Well we need to want an outcome e.g. you want to lose weight, give up smoking, be successful and earn lots of money!  We then have an end point – an outcome.
If the outcome is too abstract – too big or cant be measured – then we need to be more specific about what we want – earn lots of money can mean £100 or £1,000,000 depending on your outlook!

There are a few other key points we need to consider too…..
  • Always state the goals in the positive – not to lose weight, but gain fitness and body definition.
  • Put a time frame to the goal e.g. within 1 month.
  • How will you know when you have your goal?   How will you feel?  What will you look like?
  • How will you measure your progress on your journey to achieving your goal?
  • How will you correct yourself if you go off track?
  • What help do you need (from self and others) to achieve your goal?
Once you have defined your goals – you need to really feel it and believe that you will achieve it when you have said you will.  There are a few ways to do this, the most successful I have found are:

  • Acting ‘As if’ you already have achieved the goal – if it is related to success – act as if you are already successful (see how other successful people act and take on their mannerisms until you get the hang of it)
  • Get a vision board (pictures/phrases on a pin-board will do) or a scrap book that you can put images, colours, words together that represent you achieving your goal.  this helps to keep your focus and embed the goal achievement into your unconscious mind.
  • Make an action plan on how you are going to achieve your goals.
Sounds simple enough right?  Right – but many of us still have trouble in defining what we actually want – we know we want something – just cant put our fingers on it. Coaching can help you make well formed outcomes and goals that will help you realise your dreams and how to achieve them – help you set the goals to get there.
If you are interested in finding out more about this and how we can help, then give us  a call on 07825 736794 or visit our Contact Us page on the website.

So until next time…………….bye and I look forward to hearing from you.

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